June 2024

Vin Mètre Cube event: Come and enjoy an open-air tasting of Cru Cairanne red and white wines, in a unique and festive setting! A container transformed into a roving wine bar will welcome you, while Braz&Bro's and local producers treat you to a simmering meal. The musical ambience will be provided by the group No Name, offering you a memorable evening from 7pm to midnight. Admire the panoramic views of Cairanne and the surrounding countryside as

Discover the excellence of a family estate rooted since 1692 in Cairanne, where each generation of the Alary family perpetuates tradition and passion for wine, offering remarkable wine despite climatic challenges. Article published on Wine Advocate, written by Joe Czerwinski. Wine Advocate is a world-renowned site for detailed reviews and in-depth ratings with a score system out of 100, serving as a reliable guide for wine lovers, collectors and industry professionals. General comments from the domaine: