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The Alary family's involvement in viticulture and wine production dates back as far as 1692, to the reign of Louis XIV.

Tradition, passion and 'savoir faire' are key elements to tendering vines and maturing wines and the acquired experience has been passed on from one generation to the next. In all, 10 generations have successively played their part in building this edifice, guided by a healthy respect for nature and for the general environment. Proof of this conviction can be found in a later stage in the development of the vineyard with Denis’ decision to convert to a programme of organic farming after many years mastering traditional production techniques.


 Over the years, we have learnt to understand our different 'terroirs' in Cairanne. South facing slopes with white and blue clays-soils, the lower terraces of the 'Garrigues', the high plateau with cobbles covering underlying white and red clays, along with the richer soils close to the Plan de Dieu.


This patchwork gives birth to a selection of great red wines; some of a more powerful, fat, full-bodied but harmonious style, others of a lighter,  fresher more fruity style. The reputation of the white wines that we have been making for over 150 years has already been made and little is to be added; fruit, freshness and persistancy being the essential characters of these wines.


The choice of grape varietals, their inter-reaction when associated with the other elements of the terroir and influence of the vintage explain in part the difference, the passion and the savoir-faire of the producer explaining the rest.

Most of our vines grow on south-facing slopes but a few parcels, facing north, ensure freshness and balance in hotter years.


For the red wines we have 6 grape varietals:

    - Grenache  12,5 ha 
    - Syrah 4,5 ha
    - Mourvèdre  3,5 ha
    - Carignan  2,5 ha 
    - Counoise  0,5 ha

    - Cinsault 1 ha


For the white wines 5 grapes varietals:

    - Roussanne 1,8 ha
    - Clairette  1,8 ha
    - Viognier  0,4 ha
    - Bourboulenc  0,3 ha

    - Grenache Blanc  1 ha




swarm of bees in our vineyards January 2010 vines snow-covered vintage 2011 on the hillside with rolled pebbles sorting from the harvest in the winery